Accessories for women and men. Origin: handcrafted items from different countries and continents.

Fashion accessories | Madame Framboise


  • Bags

    Bags and purses in leather, fabric or plant fibers. Origin: Indonesia, Morocco (Marrakech).

  • Wallets

    Leather wallets ... 

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  • Moroccan slippers

    Moroccan slippers in natural leather. Origin: Marrakech (Morocco)

  • Scarves and shawls

    Hand-woven scarves ...

  • Woollen accessories

    Accessories made of quality wool. For a smooth winter ... Origin: 100% made in Belgium !

  • Leather belts

    Kaszer leather belts ...

  • Pocket knives

    Men's accessories such as pocket knives, bottle openers or corkscrews ...

  • Hats

    Beach hats or city hats ... 

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  • Braces

    "Bertelles" men's suspenders/braces ... 100% hand made "Made in Belgium"

    Bertelles suspenders

  • Beanies

     The Cabaïa beanies ... one beanie ... three pompoms! 

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  • Socks

     The Cabaïa socks ... inseparable! 

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  • Cases

    Travel or school kits...

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