Decorative objects such as candles, candleholders, bronzes, ... Origin: crafts of the world



  • Home fragrances and...

    Home fragrances - Scented candles, diffusers and room sprays. Origin : Marrakech or France

  • Candle holders

    Candle holders and lanterns

  • African bronzes

    The manufacture of a bronze lost wax begins with shaping a scupture wax. It is then coated with clay mixed with donkey dung. After drying, the whole is heated so as to melt the wax, which flows through the openings left in the modeling. The craftsman then poured the molten bronze that fills the imprint left by the melted wax. After cooling, the mold is broken to extract the sculpture, making each piece unique. The statues presented in this category are carried out in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

  • Oriental lights

    Moroccan or eastern-style lamps in maillechort or brass. Origin: Morocco (Marrakech) and Egypt.

  • Guinea fowl

    Ceramic or terracotta guinea fowl. Origin France and Ethiopia

  • Tadelakt

    Tadelakt objects. Tadelakt is a mixture of slaked lime from Marrakech, water and natural pigments. Once shaped, the objects are polished using a roller and black soap to give them a smooth and soft look.

  • Wooden decoration

    Decorative wooden objects such as balls, bookmarks, jewelry tree,...

  • Photo frames

    Photo frames in natural materials

  • Decorative and utility...
  • Games
  • Wall hanging

    Velvet wall hanging

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